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Free Things I Always Install: DLRS

Freebie handing out free puppies

This is the third in a summer series of posts about free utilities I always install in a new Salesforce instance or that I install into existing instances once I come along to support them. I love free things! (These, by the way, are all free-like-a-beer.)

Getting a post out of this is almost cheating because I wrote a whole post about DLRS not too long ago. But my series would be incomplete if I didn't give it another mention.

Freebie with all sorts of puns on "rollup," including a Yo-Yo, skates, a tape measure, rolling pin, and more.

Old Dog New Tricks

Expanding Salesforce's native rollup summary capabilities beyond just master-detail relationships is the core of DLRS functionality.

But that's not all it can do. I've written about the rollup to relationship trick. Should also look through the great "cookbook" on the DLRS documentation site. There are all sorts of ideas for things you can do with DLRS that you might not have thought about.

It Just Gets the Job Done

Like the other tools in this series, DLRS is entirely free and it does what you need. What more is there to say?


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