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Free Things I Always Install: Mopsy

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This is the second in a summer series of posts about free utilities I always install in a new Salesforce instance or that I install into existing instances once I come along to support them. I love free things! (These, by the way, are all free-like-a-beer.)

The Mopsy component.

Mopsy is a replacement for the Today's Tasks component that is default on the Salesforce Home page.

Today's Tasks Component Is Not Great

Have you ever noticed that Today's Tasks just not that functional? For example, in this sandbox I created a task for myself that was due yesterday. Here's the Today's Tasks component:

The Today's Tasks component showing nothing is due today.

Phew! I'm thrilled that nothing is due today. Too bad it's not pointing out that I have a task that's overdue from yesterday.

Using the carat in the upper right you can set it to show overdue tasks. But then it doesn't show tasks due today. (They're not yet overdue. Sigh.)

Mopsy Fixes That

I really only need one thing out of Mopsy and it delivers. Users can set it to show "Today + Overdue." There are actually quite a few additional filter options in Mopsy:

Mopsy's user-selectable filter options opened in a list. Options include All Open, Overdue, Today, Today+Overdue, Tomorrow, Next 7 Days, and more.

But I am really after the option for Today + Overdue because it means my users are a little less likely to never finish those tasks from yesterday!

The Mopsy component showing Today + Overdue, so a task from yesterday is on the list.

It's also nice that Mopsy gives you a convenient button right on the component to make a new task. (It's that plus sign in the upper right.)

I also like that the admin can set it to show some or all of the Comment field on the task.

A task showing the Subject and the Comment.

There are other features of Mopsy that you can explore. Like I said, I'm really interested in just the one thing.

"User Selectable" Also Means "Inconsistent"

One "gotcha" that applies to Mopsy the same as Today's Tasks is that the filter under that carat is user selectable. That means different users may set it differently and could, therefore, still miss tasks. There's no way for you, as the admin, to default Mopsy to Today + Overdue, and definitely no way to lock it there. So you'll want to train new users to set it and leave it alone.

Right Tool If You Need It

Your org might not use Tasks, or might use them sparingly. They can be handy as a To Do list that's tied to records and easily viewed by your colleagues. Tasks also have their drawbacks (which should probably be the subject of another post). But if your organization uses Tasks, then I recommend dropping Mopsy on your Home page so people can see what's coming up.


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