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Sprinty's Community Resources

I'm excited to share with you that a new resource launched today, created and maintained by Open Source Commons volunteers.

Sprinty's Community Resources is an online library of crowdsourced community content for nonprofits and educational organizations using Salesforce. It's a fast way to find articles and How Tos that others have found useful in the past.

Resources submitted by the community are searchable and sortable so you never have to wonder "Is there are good article about the true cost of Salesforce for nonprofits? Where could I find that link?" Of course, you can also just browse through the listings to learn all sorts of things.

And best of all, you can contribute more resources to the list! Simply click on the submission tool and fill out a quick form with a link to whatever podcast, blog post, article, or video you've found helpful. Each resource is reviewed by a volunteer "curator" to ensure quality content is featured on the site.

Sprinty's Community Resources has a Trailblazer Community Group if you want to stay in the loop on updates and ask questions.

This project wouldn't have been possible without the vision of Jodi Nemser-Abrahams and Rebecca Tasetano and the input of a team of dedicated volunteers I'm proud to call my colleagues and friends:

I hope you, too, will add to the resource collection and even consider getting involved with the team!


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